Assessment Form

Post Secondary Education

Assessment Form

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  • Note: Please send the documents in single PDF file which is less than 5 MB:
  •  I hereby confirm that the information provided in this assessment form is true and correct  If this Assessment form is sent via email, I hereby state that this information has been sent with my prior consent and approval

  • 1. The form is fillable and you may save the information after filling.
    2. Please fill all the fields. If any of the field is not applicable then please mention 'N/A' or 'Nil'.
    3. Ensure that first name and last name is as per passport and academic documents.
    4. Ensure that date of birth is mentioned.
    5. Ensure that Qualification name (Degree / Diploma) is mentioned. Example: BA, BCom, BSc, BBA, MA, MCom, Msc, MBA, etc..
    6. Ensure that stream is mentioned for each Qualification. Example: Bsc is qualification and stream is Computer Science.
    7. Ensure that number of Backlogs / multiple attempts mentioned for each qualification. Example: Bsc 2nd year failed in 1 subject and attempted in supplementary exams and passed. This denotes one Backlog. If no back logs please mention 'None' or 'No'.
    8. For each qualification, provide completion MONTH and YEAR.
    9. Ensure that accurate percentage '%' information is given for each qualification.
    10. Ensure that University / awarding body name is mentioned for each qualification.
    11. Ensure to mention individual bands for IELTS.
    12. Ensure that preferred course and country is mentioned.
    13. Ensure that expiry date of passport is mentioned.
    14. Ensure to mention brief description of work experience.
    15. Ensure to fill the declaration section.

    Avoid Common Mistakes such as:

     Handwritten. This is electronic form and please fill the form by entering info in each highlighted field and hand written forms are not considered.
     Mentioning stream of education and not proving the name of Degree / Diploma.
     Giving only end year for studies and not mentioning the month.
     Mentioning overall IELTS score and not mentioning individual bands.
    Not specifying full form. (Abbreviation may be understandable locally but is completely misleading for our interpretation).
     Not providing preferred country or course.
     Not giving details of work/ occupation or information if there is a gap.
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